Book Review: IT

27877138This book took forever.

I originally wanted to read this whole book in the month of October, but it just was not feasible for me. I finished it on December 31st on the way to a NYE party.

1958 Derry, Maine is not a good place to be. Several children have been murdered and a suspected serial killer is on the loose. Children are warned and told to be in groups, a curfew is in effect, but that does not keep the tragedies from happening.

Seven children suspect what is going on. They have done their researched and are determined to destroy IT. Together, they face their fear united as one and cut the cycle of killing short.

Fast forward twenty-seven years, and the cycle of killings starts again. They are called back to Derry to finish what they started. But they are adults now with adult fears. The magic and determination they had as children might not work a second time and they might not make it out alive this time.

IT is not about a clown. Let’s be clear, the clips I’ve seen makes the story out to be a clown, but I did not get that impression from this book. IT materializes itself as whatever that child’s fear is. For Mike, it was a huge black bird; for Eddie, it was a leper. Each child had a different fear at that time. When the children expressed their fear to each other, IT could take the form of either of those fears.

The clown image does exist, it’s a simple childhood figure. All the fears in the book appear dressed as a clown. A leper in a clown suit, a werewolf in the clown suit, etc.

This is my first big Stephen King book and I really liked it. The pages didn’t seem so many as I was taken through each character’s story and background, 600 pages went by very quickly.

By page 785 I began to really feel this story dragging on. It was hard to keep with it and keep going, but I did. I honestly thing this book would have been better if it was 200-300 pages shorter.

IT by Stephen King receives 4 stars.

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