Book Review: Certain Girls

421549.jpgCannie Shaprio is your average, middle aged housewife. Spending her days sheltering her teenaged daughter, Cannie seems to have it all. She’s a best selling author of one book and spends the rest of her time writing Star Girl novels under a pseudonym.

But this one book is coming back to haunt her.

Joy, Cannie’s 13 year old love child, has an upcoming bat mitzvah and her mother is against all of Joy’s ideas. Joy is not her mother’s biggest fan, Joy sees her mother as ridiculous with an overly large bosom and overprotective nature. Joy has never read her mother’s book, but after a sleepover Joy decides it’s time.

Cannie’s book is an overly sexualized story of her life and Joy learns more about how she was conceived and that she was an unwanted baby. These revelations strain her relationship with her mother even more.

Certain Girls is the type of women’s fiction that I normally would never pick up. But I read Jennifer Weiner’s biography and loved it. Certain Girls is actually the second book in the Cannie Shapiro series. Good in Bed being the first (and Weiner’s first novel).

Overall it was an easy read and the plot kept me interested. The conflict between mother and daughter was frustrating to me at times. But the way the book is brought to a close brings joy and sorrow to my heart, tears and all.

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner receives 3.5 stars.

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