Book Review: The Anatomist’s Apprentice

12218678.jpgDr. Thomas Silkstone has been studying anatomy under a very prestigious coroner for several years, leading to a professorship at a University in London. When one of Thomas’s students approaches him about the mysterious death of a relation, Thomas heads to the countryside.

Thomas heads to Bordon Hall and meets the beautiful Lady Lydia, who’s brother has died a violent death. While the coroners believe it be a natural death due to an illness, Thomas believes otherwise.

An inquest is opened and the people around Lydia suddenly appear suspicious. Only Thomas can investigate the mysteries of anatomy to bring light upon the murders.

I really enjoyed this mystery at first. It was interesting and ground breaking for a 1700s mystery novel. Anatomy is a new science and I loved seeing the main character experiment.

The plot was pretty decent with twist after twist that kept me reading. BUT the book just really seemed to drag. I felt the most exciting part was half way through the book and I was wonder how the author would ‘fill’ the remaining pages. From this halfway point to the very end everything was just fluff to get the plot to an interesting conclusion.

The Anatomist’s Apprentice by Tessa Harris receives 3 stars.

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