Book Review: Carrie

10160130.jpgI listened to the audiobook of this while at work. I mentioned it to my coworker and she was wondering why I was listening to a horror book, especially at work. I was already over halfway through and it’s not a horror book most people think it is.

Carrie White was raised by a strict religious mother bordering on sadism. Because of her mother’s extreme behavior and home environment, Carrie was always the butt of everyone’s jokes. From the way she dressed, to her looks, and being the quiet girl in school.

During a locker room incident, something snaps inside Carrie. This is the catalyst that goes both good and bad. Carrie begins to know and understand a power that is inside her. The other students begin to pity Carrie and seek penance for all the terrible things they’ve done to her over the years.

Sue, one of the girls who is guilty about the treatment of Carrie, persuades her boyfriend Tom to take Carrie to the prom. Carrie says yes. Everyone puts effort into the prom, including Carrie. Carrie makes her own stunning dress and breaks free from her mother’s control.

Prom night approaches and Carrie and Tom enjoy the evening. Everyone is civil to Carrie and she begins to have a good time. The ballots for King and Queen are passed out and Carrie is surprised to find her and Tom’s name on the ballot. But the voting is rigged and a terrible fate awaits Carrie as her power bubbles to the surface.

This is another Stephen King book that did not read as I expected. This was Stephen King’s first novel and he had not quite starting writing the terrifying novels he’s famous for today.

Carrie is a horror story, but not the horror you might expect. Carrie is severely bullied and laughed at. It’s truly tragic and heartbreaking. My heart broke as I listened to this book and it brought back too many memories from school.

I too was bullied. Not as severely as Carrie. My biggest bully was from an older girl who was actually my friend in younger years. She was my first best friend and then my first bully.

My break from the bullying came with the new class coming up. There was a girl who was the butt of everyone’s jokes. And like Carrie, received her first menstrual changing for gym class. I felt for the girl, but I really didn’t know what to do or how to help. Now I can’t help but think of what she felt during this time in her life. And I really hoped life turned out well for her.

Carrie does not contain the type of horror that will keep you up at night with nightmares, it’s the type of horror that is all too real and happens every day. Think twice before you hurt someone.

Carrie by Stephen King receives 4 stars.


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