Book Review: Dodge and Twist

43217940.jpgI read Oliver Twist on my own while in high school and I absolutely loved it! It’s been a while, and I only vaguely remember the details, but that did not stop me from enjoying Dodge and Twist.

At the end of Oliver Twist, the lucky boy gets adopted by Mr. Bownlow and becomes his heir. Years later, Oliver returns to London to receive his inheritance after the death of his adoptive father. But the adoption papers are missing and Oliver is once again left destitute.

Oliver meets Dodger on the streets of London, a flashback from their first meeting in London when they were boys. Dodger knows Oliver’s current situation and offers him a deal. Steal an expensive diamond, and receive a portion of the money. Oliver, the once morally straight and incorruptible boy, now turns his morals against his conscience.

Dodger’s plan is very complex and Oliver makes many internal decisions and surprises himself. But there is more in play than just a large diamond. Dodger is in debt to Back Sally and the dangers are extremely high.

Tony Lee has done an amazing job in this extension of the story. Oliver faces more moral issues in this book and actually compromises himself several times. Poor Dodger is facing many demons as he tries to overcome them and start a new life. Both comrades overcome themselves and develop an interesting relationship.

The best part about the ending is that it left an opening for more works like this in the future.

Dodge and Twist by Tony Lee receives 4 stars.

PS – I purchased this dramatized audiobook for free through the monthly free audiobooks on Audible.

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