Book Review: After Anatevka Live

42192185.jpgAfter Anatevka is everything you need if you are suffering from Fiddler on the Roof withdrawals.

I was very late to The Fiddler craze. The first and only time I’ve ever seen it was the full play on my college campus. The performance was so well done and so memorable, that it has stuck with me 6 years later.

After Anatevka is written by Alexander Silber, a Broadway actress that performed in the revival of Fiddler on the Roof. Silber has become the characters to really understand and speculate what happened to them after the last scenes of the beloved play.

This audio live is very entertaining. Silber explains each scene and song, about how she created the concept and where she pulled the scenarios from. The songs are original and sung by well known Broadway performers.

Listening to After Anatevka, I’ve been taken back to those characters I fell in love with six years ago. Times have changed them, but the family ties that bound them together still exists.

After Anatevka: Live by Alexandra Silber receives 3.5 stars.

*I received this audio for free via Prime with Audible. This service is available to all Amazon Prime members, I purchased Prime for myself and there are no affiliations in this post.


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