Book Review: Killer by Nature

37415696.jpgI’ve spent most of February catching up on the Audible Originals I’ve downloaded. Every month, Prime members get to choose three free audiobooks. Most at under 5 hours, there may be a few longer books in there. Lately, I’ve really been enjoying the ‘live drama’ Audible Originals.

After Anatevka was my first, followed by Dodge and Twist.

Killer by Nature was a refreshing crime novel. Diane Buckley is a forensic psychiatrist assigned to The Playgroung Killer. Her job is to evaluate Dinklage and try to understand his mind and prevent other killings from happening.

Diane is also dealing with issues at home. Her daughter has had some trouble at school and Diane submits her daughter to psychological testing. She struggles with the results of the test and wrestles with what she thinks is best for her daughter.

Meanwhile, there is a copycat killer on the loose that may or may not be Dinklage.

What makes Killer by Nature so interesting is that it is told like a live drama. Each character has their own voice actor that really brings this story to life. And to be honest, I’m quite impressed with the depth and detail in this audio drama that is only four and a half hours long.

Killer by Nature receives 4 stars.

*I received Killer by Nature for free via Prime with Audible. This service is available to all Prime members, I purchased Amazon Prime myself and there are no affiliations with this post.

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