Book Review: The Man on the Mountaintop

43658721.jpgThe Man on the Mountaintop is one of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read/listened to. This little book is full of life wisdom and practical application.

There is a man on top of the mountain called The Holy Man. He is essentially a hermit monk who spends the majority of his time alone except when accepting visitors. People from all over the world make the pilgrimage to attempt to get a few minutes with The Holy Man.

The largest part of this experience and the way the pilgrimage is set up is the line itself. So many people flood the mountain and a line forms very quickly in the visiting season. In the line, the pilgrims talk and learn from each other just as much as they would from The Holy Man himself. So people try to bypass the line, but that is refused to everyone. You must wait in your spot in the line and hope to get closer and closer each day.

The wisdom that The Holy Man shares is very simple. Sometimes people become so caught up in themselves and in their life they are living that the simple happiness of life slips away. Sometimes your true character comes to light as you enter The Holy Man’s house.

Most of this book is about the individuals The Holy Man has helped. And these specific individuals have a role to play in the choosing of the next Holy man.

The simplicity of this story and the inspiration of The Holy Man directs the reader to dwell on his life and moving forward with a purpose.

The Man on the Mountaintop receives 5 stars.

*I received this book for free via Audible for the monthly selection of three free audiobooks by Amazon Prime. I self purchased Prime. There are no affiliates associated with this post.

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