FB_IMG_1506523536289.jpgHello! I’m Brittany and welcome to my pages! I am an east coast, southern girl with a full time job and three adorable (but sometimes naughty) beagles. I absolutely love reading and I’m so happy to be channeling my obsession into this blog. (And my husband is quite happy to not hear me blab on and on about the books that are slowly taking over our home.) I want to share not only books, but also some writing, food, and a pinch of life in general.


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FB_IMG_1506523635988.jpgMy specialty is fiction, historical and literary are my favorites. But I have enjoyed a large amount of non-fiction this year. I do not restrict myself to one genre, I love exploring what the book world has to offer! Any suggestions would be welcomed!




Review Policy

I am currently accepting ARCs (both eBook and Paperback) and currently published books for an honest review on my blog. I will handle each case individually. If you need the book read and reviewed in a small amount of time, I will do my best to work with you and accomodate your needs. I want your book to be as successful as I want my blog to be.

I am also accepting books for editing. I am an avid reader and can approach your book from an unbiased point of view. As a reader of many genres, I can give you feedback and suggestions for improving the content and story. If I feel that I can not provide you quality and honest work, I will reach out to you. All comments and remarks will be confidential. Once the book is ready for print, I will be happy to publish a review.

All reviews are based on my own, personal, honest opinion. Brittany’s Pages is based on my own integrity as reader, writer, and blogger.

You can reach me via my Contact page – I generally respond within 24 hours.



Rating System

5 Stars: I absolutely love it! It moved me mentally and emotionally. The write is exceptional, the story so compelling. A book I will recommend to EVERYONE.

4 Stars: I really like it! I enjoyed the story and the journey it took me on. It was interesting and engaging. I would recommend this to my book club and share with friends for their opinions.

3 Stars: I liked it. Not something that would normally be to my taste, but it was pleasant.

2 Stars: It was ok. The writing was mediocore, the story wasn’t engaging. It has me frustrated and agravated most of the time. I wanted to put it down, but still wanted to know the ending.

1 Star: It was not my taste. Not enjoyable at all. I didn’t want to finish or didn’t finish at all. The writing was terrible or the story was awful.







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