Book Review: The Anatomist’s Apprentice

Dr. Thomas Silkstone has been studying anatomy under a very prestigious coroner for several years, leading to a professorship at a University in London. When one of Thomas's students approaches him about the mysterious death of a relation, Thomas heads to the countryside. Thomas heads to Bordon Hall and meets the beautiful Lady Lydia, who's... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Wishful Drinking

I was very late to the Star Wars scene. I never saw any of the movies, did not know which characters were who, and frankly could careless. I finally sat down and watched Episodes Three through Six in 2015. Episode Seven was being released and my then fiancé wanted to see it. I actually enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Stalin’s Gold

This is the second book in the DCI Frank Merlin series. Click here to read my review of the first book. Frank Merlin is a much need asset to Scotland Yard. He desires to serve his country during WWII, but he is much needed at the Yard. Merlin is asked to look into the disappearance of... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Love and Ruin

I’ve read almost all of Paula McLain’s books. My book club selected Circling the Sun. To prepare myself for this read, I wanted to read her previous book, The Paris Wife. I read it and was intrigued by her style of writing. Sadly, I moved out of state and never finished Circling the Sun (it’s... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Total Money Makeover

In college, my family took Financial Peace University in a small group on Sunday mornings. It was a really great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone. A friend of ours gave us a copy of his book for a wedding present. We've been married 2.5 years and I'm just now getting around to... Continue Reading →

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