Book Review: Scars

Anabelle Cahill struggles to recover from a car accident that killed her brother. Physically, she is fine, despite a huge scar that runs from chest to abdomen. Mentally, she still struggles with flashbacks, guilt, and her appearance. She doesn’t trust that many people. While working a catering gig, she has a chance encounter with Luke... Continue Reading →


Book Review: The Rot

Have you ever wondered what life as a tooth fairy is like? And yes I said tooth fairy. . . Well in Aiden Reid's Part 1 of The Rot, you get an insight into the life of a Tooth Fairy. Goodreads Synopsis: Ray Jones isn't like other tooth fairies. He curses too much. Enjoys snorting... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Xenoman

I’m usually not a futuristic novel reader, but sometimes I do pick one up. Some of them are just so over my head that I lose interest, but it was not this way with Xenoman. Xenoman takes place in a future where the majority of the population is addicted to a drug called Sunlight. But... Continue Reading →

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