Book Review: Jake, Lucid Dreamer

Jake is a typical 12 year old boy, but there’s more. He’s struggling to deal with the death of his mother while trying to survive middle school full of bullies and sometimes annoying little sister. Jake’s only escape is in his dreams, and as he continues to dream he learns to control them. Jake becomes... Continue Reading →


Book Review: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I feel I'm a little late to the game for this book. And I also felt that this book would be great for me to read since I am not a cleaning person. (I actually pay someone to clean my house.) What I read was a great experience. Marie Kondo walks you through her method... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys is another hyped book, but unlike the last one I read, this one was SO GOOD. Blue is the misfit of her bizarre family. She is the only one who does not have psychic abilities, but she does make others abilities stronger when she is near. This is especially helpful if anyone... Continue Reading →

Book Review: A Walk in the Woods

As a family, we've always done hikes whenever we could. If we were driving to Tennessee, we would stop for a hike. When we were in the mountains, we always did a hike. At summer camp, I always went for a hike. It was inevitable. Lately, there's nothing really hiking worthy in my area. I... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Hungry Heart

I started Hungry Heart only because the title kept popping up in my Overdrive. I'm attempting (haven't even started) to be a more serious writer, and I thought this book would have more insight about the career. It did, but it also contained much more. Jennifer Weiner is a women's fiction writer. She narrates her... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Deep Work

I've really been on the self-help hype lately, can't explain it. Maybe I'm going for a whole new mindset on the career side of life at the moment. Who knows. I first heard about Deep Work from listening to Cal Newport on a TedTalk. (Side Note: Listening to TedTalks on playlists at work is a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Dragon Teeth

Dragon Teeth brings to life the history of paleontology and fossil hunting. William Johnson, a wealthy Yale student, enters a fossil expedition on a dare. Professor Marsh leads the team to an unknown destination, desperately trying to out maneuver Cope, a fellow paleontologist. When William gets left behind at one of the hotels, he joins... Continue Reading →

Book Review: You Need A Budget

I studied business in school and even went through Financial Peace University, but let me tell you one thing - I am terrible with money. In part, I think it's due to the fact that I never owned my own car, didn't have a job til I was in college, and never actually lived completely... Continue Reading →

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