Book Review: Deep Work

I've really been on the self-help hype lately, can't explain it. Maybe I'm going for a whole new mindset on the career side of life at the moment. Who knows. I first heard about Deep Work from listening to Cal Newport on a TedTalk. (Side Note: Listening to TedTalks on playlists at work is a... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Dragon Teeth

Dragon Teeth brings to life the history of paleontology and fossil hunting. William Johnson, a wealthy Yale student, enters a fossil expedition on a dare. Professor Marsh leads the team to an unknown destination, desperately trying to out maneuver Cope, a fellow paleontologist. When William gets left behind at one of the hotels, he joins... Continue Reading →

Book Review: You Need A Budget

I studied business in school and even went through Financial Peace University, but let me tell you one thing - I am terrible with money. In part, I think it's due to the fact that I never owned my own car, didn't have a job til I was in college, and never actually lived completely... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Reflections

I am quite ashamed at how long it has taken me to read this book. But I partly blame my husband for moving this tiny book and I recently found it. This book is for those who are struggling. If you are struggling with a mental illness, with heartbreak, with yourself, this little book of... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Circe

Circe is the daughter of Titan Helios. She lives in her father's palace with many of the other gods. The Titans are in constant conflict with the Olympians, so an air of peace is sought to keep Zeus's wrath at bay. Circe is one of three children by their mother. Her other siblings have developed... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Silent Girls

Frank Rath retired from the police force after his sister's murder. Now he works as a private investigator to the police, allowing him to work outside the law when necessary. When a beautiful, young girl is reported missing, Rath is called in to help with the case. The girl's car is found, but very few... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Unknown Varient

Unknown Variant takes place in the future with all of civilization being classified by their DNA. There are the 'Normies,' those who are genetically pure, and the GIs, those who are genetically inferior. Everything is divided between the Normies and the GIs: cities, food, housing, work, health care etc. Layla Mason is a GI working... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Fast Backward

The year is 1945, WWII has been going on for several years. Bobby, the adopted son of a conscientious objector, delivers newspapers to the local military base. One morning, a huge explosion and mushroom cloud appears in the sky. Bobby is blown away, but the people on the base seem very happy about the incident.... Continue Reading →

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