Book Review: The Balcony

A century-spanning portrait of the inhabitants of a French village, revealing the deception, despair, love, and longing beneath the calm surface of ordinary lives. What if our homes could tell the stories of others who lived there before us? Set in a small village near Paris, The Balcony follows the inhabitants of a single estate-including... Continue Reading →


Book Review: The Young Elites

Adelina has survived the blood fever, but the results of the disease left strange markings on her skin and changed her hair to silver. The world calls them malfettos. Adelina flees the harsh treatment of her father and finds herself in the safety of The Young Elites, malfettos with mysterious powers. The Dagger Society, as... Continue Reading →

Book Review: American Pharoah

American Pharoah took the world by storm in 2015 by winning the Triple Crown, ending a 30+ year drought. This book tells American Pharoah’s story, and that of the team of people who made it possible. In the 2018 Kentucky Derby, there was a horse named Audible. Thanks to Audible placing in the Derby, Audible... Continue Reading →

May 2018 Wrap Up

After a rough reading month in April, May has been a great one! I got 3 NetGalley books read (percentage is now 49%!) and a few requests done as well. White Houses by Amy Bloom The Room on Rue Amelie by Kristin Harmel The Sky Drifter by Paris Singer American Pharoah by Joe Drape The Whispering... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Fast Backward

The year is 1945, WWII has been going on for several years. Bobby, the adopted son of a conscientious objector, delivers newspapers to the local military base. One morning, a huge explosion and mushroom cloud appears in the sky. Bobby is blown away, but the people on the base seem very happy about the incident.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Paris by the Book

Leah has always been obsessed with Paris. As a child she was fascinated by Albert Lamorisse’s The Red Balloon movie based in France, and from there sparked a desire that only grew with time. Robert is a writer trying to make a name for himself. When his paths cross with a beautiful woman in a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Room on Rue Amelie

This review is going to be rather short. I still haven't come to terms with everything I'm feeling. The Room on Rue Amelie is the survival story of Ruby Benoit and Charlotte Dacher. Ruby is an American born wife living in Paris with her husband. When World War II arrives in France, Ruby’s husband Marcel... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Whispering Room

The Whispering Room is the second installment of Dean Koontz’s Jane Hawk novels. This review may contain spoilers for those who have not read The Silent Corner. The Whispering Room picks up exactly where The Silent Corner left off. Jane is still on the run, but with more information about the conspiracy she has uncovered.... Continue Reading →

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