The Big Boys

I have a surprising amount of large (500+ pages) books on my bookshelves, 59 to be exact. My goal is to knock out a couple of them. Special note: These are lists of books I actually own a physical copy of currently. When I finish a book and don't plan on reading it again, I... Continue Reading →


Savannah Travel Reading List

Brent has made the impromptu decision to travel to Savannah to visit a military friend of ours. He had some days off and invited us down to visit (and Paula Dean's restaurant!!!). I would definitely prefer to go in warmer weather, but at least I know I won't be freezing!   It's a little over... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Good Girl

I’m having a hard time summarizing this book, so I’m going to list the Goodreads blurb: I've been following her for the past few days. I know where she buys her groceries, where she works. I don't know the color of her eyes or what they look like when she's scared. But I will. One... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Scars

Anabelle Cahill struggles to recover from a car accident that killed her brother. Physically, she is fine, despite a huge scar that runs from chest to abdomen. Mentally, she still struggles with flashbacks, guilt, and her appearance. She doesn’t trust that many people. While working a catering gig, she has a chance encounter with Luke... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Chasing Symmetry

Bianca James thinks she has her life together. She teaches art at the local college, dotes on her car Picasso, and she has a wonderful best friend. But when Bianca discovers a murdered woman in the school’s storage closet, things become a bit more complicated. Finn Tierny has returned to Riley’s Peak to help take... Continue Reading →

Reading My Bookshelf

As I've stated several times, I have so many books in my house. I use Libib to keep up with all of them. (You can read that post here.) My goal for this year is to really concentrate on reading the books I have on my shelves. They've been getting too much neglect. I have... Continue Reading →

The Currently Reading List

I've had books on my Goodreads Currently Reading list FOREVER. This year I am determined to clear it and limit it only to the books I am actually reading. Here is what I will be working on finishing early 2018: Nacky Patcher and the Curse of the Dry Land Boats by Jeffrey Klugger I can't... Continue Reading →

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