2019 Goals: Less Screen Time

Over the past year, my screen time has definitely increased. I blame that on myself. I do blog, obviously, but I limit my post writing days to about two a week, sometimes less depending on the number of posts. I'm not a big TV watcher. My husband and I are kid free and prefer to... Continue Reading →

2019 Goals: Tidying

I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo last year and it really helped me get my home in order. There's now a TV show on Netflix, but personally, the book was better. My personal journey is a little different than the what the book suggests. I did not do a... Continue Reading →

2019 Goals – Finances

Who else thinks that 'finances' is a dirty word? I loved the idea of budgeting and managing money, I read books, watched YouTube, and went to a few seminars. But none of the things I learned ever stuck. I'm a spender. And spenders love spending. My first job out of college, I spent money as... Continue Reading →

2019 Goals

Last year I did not use the word resolutions, I used goals. Goals are more personal and attainable and I hope to have these stick throughout the year. Here are my goals for the year, I'll go more in depth about them later on. Finances - get my spending under control Healthy eating - currently... Continue Reading →

Hello 2019!!!!

Yes I am 10 days late to this post, but a lot has been going on. This will be a life update and then a look into the new year. I had almost a week and a half off for Christmas and New Year's. It gave me time to rest and recuperate, as well as... Continue Reading →

Book Review: You Need A Budget

I studied business in school and even went through Financial Peace University, but let me tell you one thing - I am terrible with money. In part, I think it's due to the fact that I never owned my own car, didn't have a job til I was in college, and never actually lived completely... Continue Reading →

Spring/Summer Book Goals

Dare I say it. . . SPRING IS HERE!!! I'm from the southern states of the US, living in a colder state is not fun. I've definitely seen more snow than I ever want to in my entire life. I'm tired of the cold. It's just not cool anymore. (pun intended) While I was performing... Continue Reading →

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