2019 Goals

Last year I did not use the word resolutions, I used goals. Goals are more personal and attainable and I hope to have these stick throughout the year. Here are my goals for the year, I'll go more in depth about them later on. Finances - get my spending under control Healthy eating - currently... Continue Reading →

IT Reading Project Update 3

So nothing has gone as planned. Murphy's Law. I actually had a whole check list of blog/reading related items and of course a storm came through and our satellite internet didn't work. Sigh. Overall, I actually haven't finished a book in about two weeks. From working my way through the monstrosity of IT, discovering some incredible... Continue Reading →

IT Reading Project Update 2

As you all know, I'm trying to read IT by the end of October. And I still have hope that I can make this happen! I have excellent progress in the beginning of the week, but it really slacked off with being busy with life. But I made it through another 100 pages. Now that... Continue Reading →

IT Reading Project Update 1

Here is my official update on reading the massive novel IT by Stephen King. My original reading plan has been thrown out the window due to life, so it's time for a change in the game plan. I am currently on page 250 of 1153, almost a quarter of the way through the book. I'm... Continue Reading →

Book Review: A Grimm Warning

This post does a few ‘light’ spoilers if you have not read the first couple books. The Wishing Spell The Enchantress Returns A Grimm Warning happens a few month after the end of The Enchantress Returns. Alex is studying to be a fairy under The Fairy Godmother and Connor is preparing for a class trip... Continue Reading →

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